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The Tower of London

The Tower of London is one of London's most famous buildings and the most visited attractions, and include place where the British crown jewels are kept. Tower was founded in 1066 and construction was begun in 1078 but only at the end of 1200 was the Tower on the size it has today.

The Tower of London consists of several buildings. White Tower is the oldest and largest building. Though there Monday Wakefield Tower, Lanthorn Tower, Salt Tower, Broad Arrow Tower, Constable Tower, Martin Tower, Devereaux Tower, Beauchamp Tower, Bell Tower, Bloody Tower, Queens House, St Peter ad Vincula, Waterloo Block, Jewel House, Royal Fusiliers Museum, Hospital Block, New Armories, St Thomas's Tower, Tower Well, Brick Tower, Tower Flint and Bowyer Tower. Each building carries an extensive history that goes over almost a whole millennium.

The Tower of London is in spite of their construction may be known for their so-called Beefeaterts or Yeoman Warder who originally fungerete as monarchs personal life. They are recognized by their spesiel uniforms.

There is also an ancient tradition that it always should be at least six ravner at the Tower of London.

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