Your tourist guide to London!

Camden Market

Camden Market is located in Camden Town in the Camden district in London. Camden Market is the largest and most famous market in London and is a very popular tourist attraction.

Camden Market has especially on weekends very many visits, and larger markets are about to take over for the old market stalls. Camden Market actually comprises six markets, which are more or less in each other. The markets have focused on different product types but art and clothing dominate.

Camden High Street
London, NW1, United Kingdom


Harrods is an exclusive department store located in Knightsbridge in central London. The magazine is the world famous and legendary approach.

Although Harrods is crushed into central London, it is overwhelming how much is the magazine when you arrive. It is said that it is the largest of its kind in Europe and here you can buy most, however, in the upper price range. Do not be surprised if you come across a crib that cost nearly ten thousand pound. Most merely thus to buy something to eat on the spot and a small box of chocolates and exclusive Harrods own coffee.

Today's owner, Mohammad Al-Fayed, has been world renowned because of his criticism of the British royal house in connection with that he was the father of Dodi Al-Fayed who was the boyfriend of Princess Diana and died with her in the tragic accident in Paris . It is on this basis, set up memorials of the dead in the magazine.

At Harrods is the richest and most glamorous celebrities of the world. It is therefore not said that you will meet them during your visit. The most affluent customers will be allowed to act outside of normal opening hours.

Oxford Street

Oxford Street is the most famous shopping street in London. Here you have a street on the 2-3km chock-full of department stores and various well-known brand stores. The street is known and loved tourist destination for tourists on Christmas shopping.

Oxford Street stretches from Marble Arch at the corner of Hyde Park to St Giles Circus. The most central point of Oxford Street is where the street crosses Regent Street, which also is a central shopping street.

There are no problems to get to Oxford Street when you are in London. There are several underground stations along or near the street and there are a number of bus routes through the streets. You should prioritize underground if you want reasonably fast forward.

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